Radio and Television Producer, Freelance Journalist, Website Manager

Anna is always available for side projects for TV, radio or online. If you want to chat, don’t hesitate in reaching out.

Anna C. Buss

Originally from Brazil, Anna Buss has lived in the Los Angeles-area as an immigrant. During this time, she has completed two degrees in print and broadcast journalism. For the last 5 ½ years she has been the Senior Producer for the popular radio/television program Rising Up with Sonali on KPFK’s Pacifica Radio and Free Speech TV. Rising Up is an all-women, analytical and in-depth program that is rooted on gender, social, racial, and environmental justice coverage. Before this, she also worked for CBS’s local television affiliate KCBS/KCAL as a production assistant and video coordinator for a little more than 3 years. Her skills include live television production, radio production, visual (video/photo) and audio editing, print and online design, and website management/production.

Most recently, she began freelance writing about environmental issues in Brazil, its government, and its indigenous peoples. In 2019, she was part of the New Economies Project’s Climate Solutions Reporting Fellowship. The culmination of this program was the production of a 12-minute multi-media package for which the LA Press Club recognized with an award in the Broadcast Activism Journalism category. Over the years, however, she has written about many other topics: economic, financial, the real-estate market, education and more for magazines and a daily newspaper.

Anna is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish and is proficient in French.  Some of her hobbies include playing the guitar, traveling, cooking, hiking, camping and practicing yoga.

For past work experience visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/anna-c-buss/.